About us

We have experience of more than 35 years in the Industry. We have a panel of more than 90 Guides all over India. They all are well educated and having license from Ministry of Tourism. With all are experienced and we would like to bring our tourists near to Indian Culture, Tradition and Architecture. Except regular daily City Sightseeing we are expert in doing off route tour.

We have a group of Guides, they speak all International Languages, English French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Japanese, Spanish, Korean and others too. We organise in Old-Delhi Historical walk for 4 Hrs. It includes Temple, Havelis, Spice Market, Food Street and a lot hidden art and culture.

Cycle tour in Delhi is our speciality. Its unforgettable atmosphere early morning to explore Old and New Delhi on Bicycle. We have expert Teams who know each and every narrow Street and nook and corner of the City. In Delhi we have 1300 Historical Monuments. In Mehrauli behind the Qutub Minar, There are Archaeological Parks, It has 80 Monuments inside. We are expert in organising walk through all Historical Monuments.

Like Delhi we have experts in every city to customize your off track tour in every City. In Varanasi we have experts for yoga and meditation. We organise yoga and Meditation classes in Varanasi on Ganges.

We have expert tour Guide for Bird Watching.

Udaipur- we do tracking and bicycle tour through the county side and village areas.

Varanasi- We have a specialised team to conduct a special old city walk to explore Old city Temple with old houses. This is the best experience to come across the waiver with old sari looms in old town. We run in Varanasi also yoga centre.

About Guide

"What is job of Guide" it is important to know the actual definition of a professional Guide. In word guide first letter-

G: stand for one who has very good general knowledge, regarding his country, socio-economic, historical facts, heritage and political conditions also current affairs.

U: stand for who is in procession of universal approach and good understanding.

I: stand for intelligent.

D: stand for dutifulness, well disciplined, and had good deliverance qualities.

E: stand for creative excellence, one should be very polite and maintain a good decency.

Apart from above, a guide is an ambassador of his country, because he has a direct interaction with the tourists. He represents his country in various aspects. He should be very creative in deliverance, when he explains about a monument and he should be capable to create interest among the tourists about the monument in question, history and mythological stories, if there is any in respect of the same site. He represents his country as a whole as one of the best destinations in the world, to attract more and more tourists.

He must have a thorough knowledge of the Tourism Products of the country, such as Art, Archaeology, monuments at the destination, religion and religious places, history and geography of the destination, culture of the states, music, wedding, cuisine, socio-cultural traditions, art and craft, main tourist circuit of region, fairs at the destination, history and geography of India.

The salient advantages of having a guide.

We use well educated and experienced Guide from the city itself. Who is well aware of day activities and movement in the city. If there is any local festival or any religious ceremony going. He will provide you best opportunity to be part of that.

He is not just very well informed about monument but also local area for example if you are doing old Delhi Sightseeing without having walk of narrow street its not completed. In addition to be guided around the city and the monument, having a guide often shields you in cities that are little overwhelming to manage on your own.

For instance, Varanasi, holiest Hindu city in India. There is lot of rituals at different Ghats (bank of river) our guide will make it possible to see it. Varanasi, which can tend to be an aggressive city filled with touts. You would more or less be shielded from such annoyances if you have a guide.

You can get good restaurant and shopping recommendations. Essentially, you have a local by your side throughout the day. This is where you need to honest about your style of traveling. If you like to be escorted and guided around places, a guide will enhance your experience of city and make it stress free. If you are a very independent traveler, you might find having a guide intruding.

Audio Guides at Monuments.

There is audio Guide available at some monument. They cost you not very much. It’s from 100-300 INR per person. It’s another possibilities to explore monument.

From personal experience, we have really enjoyed the audio guides at Monuments. But that can offer just fixed route and fixed language.