INSTRUCTIONS for Visas and Passports
  1. 1. People willing to travel in India from all over the world need to have a valid passport and a valid Indian visa.
  2. 2. People from Nepal and Bhutan do not require Visa to enter India.
  3. 3. People from Maldives do not require Visa to enter in India for up to 90 days.
  4. 4. The Consular passport and Visa department of the Ministry of External Affairs is responsible for issuing Indian visas to Foreign Nationals for their visit to India.
  5. 5. Visa fees are non refundable and subject to change without notice.
  6. Types of Visa with the duration till they are valid
    Serial No Type Duration Documents Required
    1. Tourist Visa Valid for 6 months Documents supporting the financial background.
    2. Visa on Arrival Only for citizens of Finland,Luxemberg,Singapore,New Zealand, Japan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines,Indonesia and Myanmar.  
    3. Transit Visa Maximum for 15 days Evidence of onward travel to a destination outside India
    4. Student Visa For the duration of academic course of a study or for a period of 5 years whichever is less Proof of admission to recognized University/Institutions in India
    5. Business Visa One or more years Letter from sponsoring organization.

    Visa application forms are available at Office of Indian Embassy. All applicants including children need to apply visa in separate Visa forms.

    Instructions for Baggage allowance
    • Baggage allowance is different for different airlines.
    • The standard free baggage allowance is 30 kg for economy class in a government owned airline and 15 kg for economy class in a private airline.
    • The normal free baggage allowance is 40 kg for first class in a government owned airline and 30 kg for first class in a private airline.
    Instructions for Health issues
    • If suffering from Cholera/Typhoid, innoculation is rcommended.
    • Vaccination certificate is required for Yellow fever if arriving from an infected area with this disease.
    • For Malaria, no certificate is required.
    Instructions for drinking water
    • Try not to use tap water as it is no purified for drinking.
    • Stick to bottled mineral water.
    Instructions for Airport Departure Tax
    • You do not have to pay airport departure tax as it is generally included in the international ticket.