Grand Rajasthan Maharaja Tour


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Rajasthan Fort and Palaces

Delhi- Pachewar - Bundi - Castle - Bijaipur - Udaipur - Dungarpur - Narlai - Luni - Ossian - Kuchaman - Nawalgarh - Jaipur - Agra - Delhi

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Rajasthan With Yoga Tour

Delhi - Haridwar - Rishikesh - Delhi - Agra - Jaipur - Pushkar - Jodhpur - Udaipur - Delhi

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Rajasthan with Gujarat Tour

Delhi - Agra - Jaipur - Jodhpur - Udaipur - Ahmedabad - Sasan Gir - Junagadh - Dwaraka - Rajkot - Ahmedabad.

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Rajasthan with Ananda Spa

Mumbai - Udaipur - Jodhpur - Jaipur - Agra - Delhi - Dehradun - Ananda - Dehradun - Delhi.

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Rajasthan Pushkar Tour

Delhi - Mandwa - Bikaner - Jaisalmer - Manwar - Jodhpur - Ranakpur - Udaipur - Pushkar - Jaipur - Agra - Delhi.

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Rajasthan Tour with Golden Temple

Delhi - Amritsar - Mandawa - Bikaner - Jaisalmer - Jodhpur - Ranakpur - Udaipur - Chittaurgarh - Bundi - Ranthambhore - Delhi.

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Rajasthan Cultural Tour

Delhi - Mandawa - Bikaner - Johpur - Rohet - Udaipur - Deograh - pushkar - Jaipur - Agra - Delhi.

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Rajasthan Heritage Tour

Delhi - Jaipur - Barli - Jodhpur - Udaipur - Bundi - Ranthambhore - Agra - Delhi

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Rajasthan Tour Packages

Rajasthan ‘Land of Kings’ or ‘Land of Kingdom’ is India’s largest state by area. The state located on north-eastern part of country and is a home of cultural diversity. Its features include the ruins of Indus Valley Civilization, Temples, Forts and Fortresses in almost every city. It is said there is more history in Rajasthan than the rest of India put together. We team of Imperial Voyages welcome you to the Land of the Kings, a fabled realm of maharajas and their majestic forts and lavish palaces.

Glittering jewel of India Rajasthan has something for everyone whether you are planning an adventurous holiday hoping for a rendezvous with tigers, tracking in Arravali mountain, camping or enjoy the beauty of golden sand dune in Jaisalmer or to experience many nuances of royalty Rajasthan is the place for you.

Rajasthan is home to the Rajputs, warrior clans who claim to originate from the sun, moon and fire, and who have controlled this part of India for more than 1000 years. In the west, Rajasthan is relatively dry and infertile; this area includes some of the Thar Desert, also known as the Great Indian Desert. In the south-western part of the state, the land is wetter, hilly, and more fertile.

Rajasthan’s rich architectural heritage boasts of exotic palaces, forts, temples, havelis and step wells which are not only a visual treat but architectural marvels that continue to amaze visitors to this day. Intricate carvings in temples, beautiful murals and frescos in havelis and exotic jarokhas (windows) in palaces are an attraction across the state.

Imperial Voyages team offer all kind of tailor-made luxury tour to Rajasthan. Main Attraction of Rajasthan
Fort and Palaces:- Jaipur, Karauli, Bikaner, Bundi, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Chitaurgarh, Jodhpur and others.
Temple:- Ranakpur and mountabu Jain Temple, Eklingi-Nagada Temple, Schiamata Ocea Temple, Pushker, Krishna Temple in Karauli and others.
Wild Life:- World heritage national park-Keoladev National park Bharatpur, Ranthambore tiger national park, Sariska wild life sanctuary and many others.
Camel Ride:- In desert surrounding Jaisalmer.
Tracking :- Arravalli mountain.